Stamp Auctions

Stamp auctions can often be the best and easiest ways to acquire important stamps for your collection. While there are regular monthly auctions at our club meetings, several online sites act as portals for major international auction houses and dealers where stamps of all countries and themes may be found. Bidding on these sites usually requires becoming a member (free) and then placing bids online during a specific auction when you see stamps you like. Here are some of the main sites:

  • Stamp Auction Network - Arguably the biggest and best organized auction site anywhere. The site lists most of the major auction firms from around the world and allows online bidding. It is a very dependable site and the firms are reputable, with little chance of a bidder getting a forgery or item that is not exactly as described. 

  • Delcampe - Headquartered in France, Delcampe is also one of the most reliable sites for obtaining hard-to-get collectibles, especially stamps. Hosting hundreds of mostly reputable dealers from around the world, new listing come up by the hundreds on a daily basis. Any problems with transactions are dealt with swiftly through the site.​ Stamps are often only offered for sale and not auction, but deals may be made with specific dealers for multiple purchases.

  • eBay - This well-known site is very similar to Delcampe but typically for stamps does not have the quantity of offerings that Delcampe does. Stamps are often only offered for sale and not auction, but deals may be made with specific dealers for multiple purchases.

  • Frank von Hausen - Vancouver-based local dealer and auction house. Holds weekly online auctions.