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Club History

The club has been active since Canada's centennial year, 1967. However, the first "official" club meeting did not occur until March 28, 1968. At that meeting it was voted unanimously to name the club the Centennial Stamp Club. An executive was chosen and steps were taken to begin committee work on developing a constitution. Even in those days they were meeting in the same location as we do today.

At the second meeting on April 8, 1968, there were 14 paid-up members. A new constitution was approved (these guys were efficient!). It was voted unanimously that the club grant charter memberships for the first 90 days of operation. A later document listed the 22 charter members who must have taken up the offer.

By 1970, a Centennial Junior Stamp Club had been formed and appeared to be quite active.

On May 17-18, 1980, the club, along with three others (Bear Creek, Delta, Fraser Valley), hosted a stamp exhibition called COPEX '80 at the Curling Rink on Poirier Street. There were 4 categories and 8 sections. It's amazing how similar they were to those at exhibitions today. No results, unfortunately, are available. 

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