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Fun Facts and Stories

Sex and Stamps

Who says stamp collecting can'y be sexy? Shown here is an ad from the Stamp Issuing Office of Monaco which roughly translated from French says, "Be franked/liberated, offer yourself our new collection." With thanks to blogger Don Schilling at

Of course, artistic and occasionally erotic nudes on stamps  also form an entire theme in themselves. 

Stamps and Comic Books

Did you know stamp collecting even had its own series of comic books way back in the early 1950s? Check out all the pages of this and other issues at

Unusual Stamps From Around the World

For many years countries have experimented with printing stamps on a variety of materials. Here are just a few examples, some of which seem almost impossible, but in fact, actually work on letters! Click on any stamp to see a larger version and brief description.

These are all courtesy of Michael Souza of the North Shore Numismatic Society, an avid collector of this unique type of stamp.

Along with many other interesting presentations about stamp collecting, Michael has an excellent, informative one on these unusual stamps from around the world.

Fascinating Stories About Stamps

stamp book stories.jpeg

Put A Stamp On It!: Seventy-Seven Sparkling Stories Showcasing How Stamps Have Intercepted Historical Events


What do the Charley Ross kidnapping, the Dunning sale, Britain’s female mason, Sherlock Holmes and the Littlewood’s pool, the founding of the YMCA, George Sloane, and the Madeline Smith Postcard all have in common? Stamps were an important part of these historical events. Even though we don’t often think of stamps in the context of making history, those small, decorative aspects of the mail system are far more than just there to decorate the envelope. At the heart of every letter, every postal moment for hundreds of years, stamps can be found, changing history as we know it. In this book, author and stamp historian Herman Herst, Jr. shares with us about the rich history of several historical events and the way that stamps influenced them. Told with good humor, perspective, and solid documentation, Herman Herst, Jr. offers us insight into the smallest details of the mail industry - stamps - and shows us that history is often staring back at us every time we mail or open a letter. Come along to share in seventy-seven stories where history proves that stamps are the stars, sealing history in ways we would least expect it. Available on Amazon.

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